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Harnessing Agriculture Value Chain

By: CPA Noor Nakabugo Nakato

Agriculture is the back bone of Uganda’s economy, therefore there is need to harness the agriculture value chain in order to bring about profitability and viability of enterprises.  For this to happen, productivity, efficiency and resilience need to be addressed. Efficient use of land should be encouraged; according to the 2018 world report agriculture land use has been rated in negatives. Resilience, Uganda has been listed among the least adapted country to climate change and yet it’s the major factor that hinders the agriculture value chain.

To bring about productivity farmers must adopt the use of irrigation methods, fertilizers, high breed seed and herbicides among others. They also need to have information on when to plant, weed, harvest, storage, packaging, transport, waste management, safety and quality.

Speaking at the 6 CPA Economic Forum, Mr. Edward Katende, Chief Executive Officer, Uganda Agro Business Alliance, Said that financing agriculture through investing in production of seeds availing information on agriculture and use of technology can be resourcefull in harnessing the value chain.


To harness agriculture value chain, ownership, possessions and compassionate leadership need to be put into consideration. Farmers should take responsibility for their actions in terms of quality, productivity and make necessary investments. They need to own the farm and have passion for what they do as well as and putting in place a succession plan in order to pass on the skills to the next generation for sustainability of the project. Compassionate leaders aim at having a shared value, organising the farmers through associations, cooperatives and service providers.

Mr. Joseph Nkandu, Executive Director NUCAFE, said that, to harness the agriculture value chain, there is need for innovation, “change of mind set”.To have systematic knowledge and skills, creation of partnerships with research organisations and universities and use of targeted applications of nutrients.

He elaborated the agricultural production triangle which includes a farmer, research and market; the three must interact to bring about sustainability, sustain agility and production, and quality.

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