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Awards Process

The Awards Process


The FiRe Awards evaluation is strongly supported by volunteer professionals from all sectors in the country, dedicated to increasing the standard of reporting. Each annual report submitted to the FiRe Awards is generally reviewed by members of an expert panel.

For Special Award categories, the reports are subjected to strict scrutiny by members/ evaluators with specific expertise in appropriate disciplines. These evaluators recommend awards results to the FiRe Awards Committee. All Awards are subject to final approval of the FiRe Awards Committee.

Award Categories:

A. Financial Reporting Award: Rewards excellence in financial reporting, clearly identifying areas of information that are important to readers and users of annual reports.

B. Special Awards: Reward excellence in the following special areas;

• Corporate Governance Reporting

• Sustainability Reporting

• Presentation and Communication

• Most Improved Report

• Best Listed Entity

• Reporting under the IFRS for SMEs

• Reporting under IPSAS

C. Integrated Report of the Year Award: Rewards entities that have achieved overall excellence in annual reporting including; high-quality coverage of most aspects of the FiRe Awards Criteria, provides full disclosure of the key aspects of its core business, addresses current legislative and regulatory requirements as well as being a model for other reports (Bronze, Silver and Gold).