IFRS for SMEs Bound Volume Now Available

The 2015 IFRS for SMEs (Bound Volume) is now available. This is the only official printed edition of the IASB’s International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-sized Entities (IFRS for SMEs) that incorporates and is updated by the 2015 Amendments to the IFRS for SMEs (effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2017 with early application permitted). The Bound Volume is the complete IFRS for SMEs presented in two volumes, Part A containing the IFRS for SMEs Standard and a Derivation Table and Part B containing the Basis for Conclusions and Illustrative Financial Statements.  The IFRS for SMEs has simplifications that reflect the needs of users of SMEs’ financial statements and also take account of cost-benefit considerations. It is intended for entities that do not have public accountability as defined in the IFRS for SMEs. There are limited copies available on a first come first served basis.
You are encouraged to purchase your copy now.Copies are priced at Shs 95,000 each.

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