Functions of the Council

The functions of Council as prescribed by the Accountants Act are to:
(a)    admit members to the Institute;
(b)    approve courses of study;
(c)    provide for the registration of students of the Institute and qualifications for registration;
(d)    supervise and regulate the practical training and education carried out under the Institute;
(e)    issue practising certificates and licences;
(f)    to maintain and publish the roll of members of the Institute;
(g)    supervise the registration and maintain a register of certified public accountants of Uganda and associate accountants of Uganda and to publish their names in the Gazette;
(h)    ensure the maintenance of professional standards among members of the Institute and to take steps to acquaint members with methods and practices necessary to maintain those standards;
(i)    promote the usage of internationally accepted accounting and related standards in Uganda and to make suitable adaptation where necessary;
(j)    secure international recognition of the Institute;
(k)    maintain a library or libraries of books and periodicals relating to accountancy and allied subjects and to encourage the publication of similar books and periodicals in Uganda;
(l)    promote the publication of a journal for the Institute;
(m)    encourage research in accountancy and allied subjects in Uganda for the advancement of professional accountancy in the country;
(n)    regulate the conduct and promote good ethical standards and discipline of members of the Institute;
(o)    prescribe fees and subscriptions payable by members and students of the Institute;
(p)    make byelaws of the Institute;
(q)    do anything that is incidental to the functions of the Institute.

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