Continuing Professional Developments

ICPAU designs the Continuing professional development (CPD) to keep you up-to-date with valuable knowledge and the skills necessary to succeed in the fields of business and finance. All members have a professional obligation to themselves, their employers and the community to continue being up to date with the knowledge and requirements of the profession that meet their own needs.

As a CPA Uganda you must undertake CPD and attain a minimum of not less than 40 hours. Of which, 30 hours are required to be structured and 10 hours unstructured.  Out of the 30 hours of structured CPD not less than 10 hours should be from ICPAU CPD programmes for members resident in Uganda.  Non-resident members may acquire the 10 hours from IFAC member bodies. Over three years, one must have attained a cumulative minimum of 120 CPD hours. You must submit a return each year of your CPD program and keep your records for you may be called upon to verify your submitted return at any time.

How to gain CPD hours
It is up to you to decide how to satisfy the requirements. For example, activities may be offered by professional bodies, educational institutions or undertake a home-study course or develop your own structured program of study. The activities claimed which are relevant to your employment, do not have to directly relate to accounting or finance. For instance, if you are engaged with an entity in a new territory and you are not conversant with the common language of instruction, learning that new language may be the perfect CPD for you at the time.

Activities must be structured, with a clear set of objectives and a logical framework. Only the actual time during which you participate in a recognised type of technical activity can be claimed.

Both private study and workshop attendance for CPD Programs can count towards your CPD hours.

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