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Practice Management and Practitioners

Under the current economic challenges firms have been put at a test and it has become inevitable for firms to implement continuous improvements to achieve the most appropriate, effective and efficient way of management in order to ensure long run survival. At present, the litmus test for effectiveness and efficiency of practice firms is perceived by level and quality of resources available to the firm, if put short the 6 Ms of management, which include; Money, Material, Manpower, Machinery, Market and Make-up. It is mandatory for members to hold a CPA(U) practising certificate in order to carry on public practice work or to be partners or directors of a firm that undertakes public practice work. To obtain an CPA(U) practising certificate for the first time, members must obtain a period of relevant experience. This experience must be verifiable by an appropriately qualified individual. Click Application for Practicing Certificate to download the Application for Practice form. There are over 180 Audit firms authorised by ICPAU to practice accountancy in Uganda. To be duly authorised to practice accountancy in Uganda, you have to register with ICPAU. Click here to view a list of audit firms that are duly registered and authorised to practice accountancy in Uganda.

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