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Audit Monitoring

The ICPAU has a statutory mandate to regulate and maintain the standard of accountancy in Uganda. The Institute conducts audit monitoring reviews of all registered audit firms in Uganda. The Institute’s audit monitoring programme began in September 2007.


The audit monitoring programme aims at serving the public interest, by ensuring that audits performed by ICPAU members are conducted in accordance with the applicable professional standards, legal and other regulatory requirements.

Anticipated Benefits

1) Compliance with professional standards will be promoted. 2) Users of financial statements will have reasonable assurance that professional standards have been complied with in the performance of audit and other related services. 3) Through the assurance of the quality of audit services, the image and status of the accountants in public practice will be enhanced. 4) Auditors will comply with the Institute’s ethical requirements, ensuring that professional competence and independence is maintained. 5) The audit monitoring programme will provide practitioners a learning opportunity, to enable them take corrective actions on weaknesses identified. 6) The Institute will be able to identify training needs and to provide a relevant CPD programme for the practitioners. To view the audit monitoring guidelines click here.

Guidelines on Professional Fees

ICPAU has issued Guidelines on Professional Fees. The Guidelines establish a basis for practitioners to set a reasonable level of remuneration for the professional services that they provide. ICPAU believes that a reasonable level of remuneration will encourage the practitioners to maintain and up-grade the quality of services that they render. To obtain a copy of the Guidelines click here.


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