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A person is eligible for associate membership when they complete the CPA(U) course but do not have Practical Experience Training prescribed by Council.

Benefits for Associate Members

  1. Mentorship support

  2. Access to job opportunities

  3. Practical Experience Training (PET) Support

  4. Discounted rates for ICPAU webinars and events

  5. Bereavement support to associate members’ family upon death

  6. Access to group savings and loan scheme (CPA SACCO)

  7. Access to Benevolent Fund support upon the death of an immediate family member


Cross-Cutting Member Benefits

  1. Access to professional advice and feedback from audit quality reviews. This helps in improving compliance with standards, laws and enhances performance.

  2. Membership to the CPA SACCO, providing an opportunity to save, and borrow at competitive interest rates.

  3. Professional guidance and counseling on how to remain globally relevant.

  4. Protection of professional interest on issues of legislation and public policy, while protecting the public interest.

  5. Provision of value to society

  6. Updates on industry and business events

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