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Become a CPA

You have made the right decision for your accountancy career.

Becoming a CPA offers several opportunities, such as: International recognition and affiliation with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, opportunities to represent the accountancy profession on the ICPAU Council, access to accountancy information and updates through ICPAU portals and platforms, and enhanced credibility with the CPA professional designation, among others.

Requirements for Full Membership Application

a) A print out of the duly completed and signed online application form.

b) Proof of payment of enrolment fees (UGX 1,050,000).

c) Filled in Practical Experience Training (PET) logbook.

d) Original or certified copies of academic support documents;

transcripts and certificates for O’Level, A’Level, Diplomas,

Degrees and Professional Courses.

e) Recommendation letters from:

(i) Either current or former employer within the past three

years, and;

(ii) A full member of ICPAU, known to the applicant personally.


Members of the East African Community Institutes of Accountants (EACIAs) shall submit their membership certificate of their local Professional Accountancy Organisation, and a letter of good standing from their PAO. These members should have attempted and completed the CPA course related exams in their mother bodies.

Holders of FAQs may be required to sit for all or some of the following: Business & Company Law – Paper 5, Advanced Taxation - Paper 17 and Public Financial Management -Paper 13. Exemption in Business & Company Law - Paper 5 may be granted if it was covered during the first degree pursued in Uganda. One may also be required to sit for Audit Practice & Assurance – Paper 16 if it was not covered in their FAQ study.

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