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Member activities and possible guidelines on how to participate.

1. Mentorship of Younger Accountants

Interested in mentoring younger accountants, please write to

2. Participation in Regional Members' Network

To join your ICPAU Regional Member Network, log into your ICPAU Member account and select from the list of networks on the homepage prompt.

3. Participation in media engagements e.g., Radio and TV

ICPAU runs a CPA thought leadership program to share your thoughts on topical discussions. To participate, please write to

4. Service on Committees of Council

All applicants who wish to serve on committees of Council should be full members
in good standing with no record of pending disciplinary issues. For the next term, applications for service on committees will be opened from 1 September – 31 October 2024.

5. Delivery of presentations at events/Seminars

To deliver a presentation at an ICPAU event/seminar, suggest a topic and send it to


6. Contribution to Institute Magazines (Today's Accountant & CPA Connect)

ICPAU publishes two magazines; Today’s accountant magazine for members and the CPA Connect for Students