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Opportunities for a CPA

The CPA Uganda Programme is designed to bring the best out of you. This opens your mind about the enormous potential you hold in the world of business. CPA Uganda prepares one to be at an added advantage in whichever career of choice. As a CPA, one gains professional and financial rewards. You decide where you want the CPA qualification to take you. The options are limitless. As a CPA, you’ll be sought after for the skill set you attain. This includes technical accounting, business, strategy and leadership skills you are able to offer to any business. CPAs work in diverse roles in the various Ugandan companies as well as across the globe. With skill sets and knowledge rooted in business, CPAs are equipped to make valuable contributions to their organisations. Various surveys have indicated that CPAs are the most trusted business advisers among the various professions that support businesses. That invaluable trust is earned through the continuous upgrade CPAs undertake. Being a CPA doesn’t mean you have to work in finance alone. CPAs can work in any organisation, in various capacities or roles. The broad range of skill set attained through training and work experience make you able to adjust into any role of your career path. Below are some of the positions you could hold with a CPA designation:

· Chief Executive Officer

· Chief Financial Officer

· Investment Banker

. Financial Controller

.Financial Manager

.Financial Accountant

· Strategic Change Manager

· Marketing Director

· Revenue Assurance manager

· Practitioner i.e. Accountant in public practice

. Lecturer i.e. Accountant in Education

· Entrepreneur

· Tax adviser/ Administrator

.Management Accountant

.Internal/External Auditor

.Financial Consultant