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  1. Everyone who accesses the examinations must be sanitized, either using approved sanitizers or soap and water
  2. Take temperatures of anyone accessing the examinations using a non-contact thermometer such as a gun-thermometer and ensure that any person with abnormal temperature (38o C and above), is advised to seek medical attention immediately and not allowed to accesses the examinations venue, later on examinations room.
  3. Recording the name, telephone contact and temperature of every person accessing the examinations for ease of contact tracing.
  4. Mandatory wearing of masks by all candidates and examinations officials.
  5. Social distancing of 1.5 metres from desk to desk.
  6. No air conditioning.
  7. All windows to be opened to allow for natural air circulation.
  8. Candidates must carry their own calculators, rubbers, pens, pencils, rulers. No candidate will be allowed to borrow an item from another candidate.
  9. Avoid physical greetings, like hugging, kissing while greeting each other at all times.
  10. Group discussions before or after the examinations around examinations centre are discouraged and if done in other areas for students to observe SOPs.
  11. Registers for each day will be at the entrance.  If you have no examination on a particular, you will not have access to the venue.
  12. Gates for Kampala will be opened at 7.00 am. and 7.30 am for upcountry centres.


23 November 2020