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ICPAU to hold 14th Graduation Ceremony

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) is set to hold the 14th Graduation ceremony on 7 March 2024, at the Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala. There are 250 graduands: 231 for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) course, 4 for the Certified Tax Advisor (CTA) and 15 for the Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD). The graduands completed their studies in 2023.

There were three examinations diets in the year 2023, May, August and November and these were the first examinations held under the revised syllabuses, launched in January 2023. The CPA graduands are also the pioneer candidates for the computer-based examinations for the fast paper of the course, Intergration of Knowledge which was introduced to enhance the market-readiness of CPA graduates.

Cumulatively, from the 14th Graduation ceremony, the Institute will have realised 4,970 CPA graduates, 81 CTA graduates and 1,840 ATD graduates, since the inception of the courses.

With these growing numbers, the pool of qualified accountants continues to increase. Uganda’s economy, with one of the highest global entrepreneurial records, requires sufficient professional accountants who can support the rising number of businesses.

The goal of the CPA course is to produce competent professional accountants who are capable of applying the knowledge, skills and values to create impact in organisations and the economies. CTA produces competent tax advisors who contribute to the economic development of the country, while ATD produces supporting accounting staff.

“It is important for accountants to be sufficiently skilled so that they can effectively support organisations,” said CPA Derick Nkajja, the Secretary/CEO of ICPAU.

“Professional accountancy education is designed to offer comprehensive knowledge and skills, and also impart the desired values and attributes required for the market,” he added.

“Furthermore, a professional accountancy qualification is a requirement for membership enrolment with a professional accountancy organisation like ICPAU, to ensure, proper regulation of accountants,” noted CPA Nkajja.

The Institute adopts various interventions to improve the quality of professional accountancy education. These include regular syllabus reviews to match the learning outcomes with the dynamic business environment, as well as reviewing and recognising tuition providers. Beginning with 2024, the Institute has introduced a tuition providers masterclass as part of quality assurance regarding professional accountancy education. The Institute is also set to conduct a study to ascertain the factors affecting performance.

Editor’s Notes:


ICPAU is the national professional accountancy organisation, established in 1992 by an Act of Parliament, now the Accountants Act, 2013 to regulate the accountancy profession in Uganda. ICPAU is responsible for determining the Uganda professional accountancy education framework and setting and conducting examinations. This function is executed by the Public Accountants Examinations Board (PAEB) on behalf of the Council.


About the Certified Public Accountants course

The CPA course is a professional accountancy qualification designed to produce competent professional accountants. The course is offered globally in various jurisdictions, and benchmarked against the International Education Standards set by the International Federation of Accountants.


About the Certified Tax Advisor course

The CTA course is a professional tax qualification which is designed to produce competent tax advisors or experts.

About the Accounting Technicians Diploma

ATD is an accountancy qualification which is designed to produce competent accounting staff who support professional accountants. Effective January 2024, the assessment of ATD moved to the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB). The ATD course will remain an accredited course by ICPAU in accordance with the Uganda Accountancy Qualifications Framework (UAQF), and holders of the diploma will be exempted from Level I papers of the CPA(U) course.


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