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5 June 2020


Warm greetings from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda(ICPAU).
The past 2 months have been challenging for businesses, individuals and families, in light of
the impediments brought on by measures to fight COVID-19.
As we emerge from the lockdown, and mobility begins to ease, the Institute is cognizant
of the need to continuously offer efficient service to its members and other stakeholders.

Please take note of the following developments:

1.0 Operating hours:
Please be notified that the Institute’s offices (Plots 42, 46 & 48 Bukoto Street, Kololo) are
open for business. Our operating hours are 9.00 am – 3.00 pm, Monday-Friday due to
curfew restrictions. The offices remain closed on weekends and public holidays.
Note: We encourage members to make use of online services as much as possible to
access services with limited interruption as well as a way of maintaining social distancing.

2.0 Safety Measures
If you choose to visit the office premises, the Institute has put in place the following
measures to manage everyone’s protection from possible exposure to COVID-19:

  • Wear a mask
  • Hand wash or sanitise before accessing the office
  • Allow your temperature to be taken before accessing the office
  • Observe a minimum of a 2 metre distance between yourself and the next person
  • Avoiding handshakes and hugs

Note: A member or guest with a temperature above 38 degrees Centigrade will be
politely requested to first report to hospital, as per Ministry of Health guidelines.

3.0 Committee and Council Meetings:
All Council and committee meetings will be held virtually, for the foreseeable future.4.0 Membership Subscription
Members who would like to know their account balances can view their statements via their
online member accounts. For renewal of subscription, members are advised to continue
to use the electronic payment platforms such as mobile money or bank payment options,
using their ICPAU ID numbers.
If you know of anyone who would like to apply for membership, encourage the applicant
to visit ICPAU website and complete an online application form. Thereafter, the applicant
would be issued with a reference number. He/She should then print the forms, pay the
application fees in the bank or by mobile money and hand deliver the hard copies to our

5.0 Continuing Professional Development
The role of a CPA is critical now more than ever. ICPAU is aware of the urgency for continuous
learning and acquisition of skills to keep CPAs relevant to the organisations in which they
serve. A CPD programme via webinars has been developed for your skilling. Click here
to download May/June calendar. Attendance is free as of now but you must register to

6.0 Professional Guidance
COVID-19 has disrupted businesses, to unprecedented levels. Life as we know it has
changed drastically and so has the way we conduct business. ICPAU understands that
in the execution of duties, CPAs are likely to encounter some challenges pertaining to
payroll management, filing of tax returns and preparation of financial statements, among
others. ICPAU reminds you that professional guidance service is available. Send an email
to for assistance.

7.0 The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections
IIn light of social distancing considerations, plans are underway to hold AGM on 25 June
2020 in the best format possible. Details will be shared soon. There will also be election of
new Council office bearers, during the AGM.

For more information
0393 262333, 0393 265590, 0393 266920, 0414 540125
Facebook: ICPAU1
Twitter: ICPAU1
Linkedin: Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda