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ICPAU President CPA Constant Mayende (L) releasing results of the CPA Dec 2021 exams on 19 Jan 2022 at Skyz Hotel. Right is PAEB Chair CPA Geoffrey Byamugisha

The Public Accountants Examinations Board (PAEB) on 19 January 2022 released results for the December 2021 examinations of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).  

The examinations were conducted for the Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD), the Certified Tax Advisor (CTA) and the Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (CPA-U) courses, from 17–21 December 2021. This was at the 7 examinations centres; Arua, Fort Portal, Gulu, Kampala, Mbale, Mbarara, Mbale and Nkozi.

There were 4,162 candidates compared to 4,238 of the October 2021 and 4,453 in December 2020.

While speaking at the event, CPA Geoffrey Byamugisha, the chairman of PAEB noted that the number of candidates writing examinations has been declining since December 2020. However, he was optimistic that with the reopening of the economy, the numbers will normalise.

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is visible in the reduced number of candidates sitting for examinations but we are hopeful that the number of candidates will get back to normal as the economy is fully opened this year,” said CPA Byamugisha.

For ATD, there were 126 candidates compared to 140 in October 2021 and 151 in December 2020. The average pass rate was 51.2% which is lower than 60% of the October 2021 examinations diet but higher than 45.5% of the December 2020 examinations diet. At 100%, Business Computing (Paper 2) had the highest pass rate. Females outshined the male candidates, with a pass rate of 60.3% while the male were at 39.7%. Additionally, out of 14 top candidates, 11 were female. 10 candidates completed the course, bringing the cumulative completion number to 1,800. 

For CTA, there were 62 candidates compared to 72 in October 2021 and 58 in December 2020. The average pass rate decreased to 26.6% as compared to 54.6% in October 2021 and 41.2% in December 2020. At 66.7%, Principles of Accounting Paper 1 and Business Accounting Paper 5 tied with the highest pass rates. The male candidates outshined the female with a pass rate of 72% compared to 28% for the female. 4 of the top candidates are female while 4 are male. 2 candidates completed the course, bringing the cumulative total to 59.

For CPA, there were 3,974 candidates compared to 4,026 in October 2021 and 4,244 in December 2020. The average pass rate declined to 35.5%, from 36.4% in October 2021. Business Management & information Systems (Paper 5) had the highest pass rate while core subjects like Quantitative Techniques, Cost & Management Accounting, Advanced Taxation, Financial Management, Management Decision & Control and Auditing & Other Assurance Services were poorly performed.

The President of ICPAU, CPA Constant Othieno Mayende encouraged students to prepare adequately for examinations, for improved performance.

“Early preparations are important for any professional examination. You cannot pass without adequate preparations,” he said.

The female candidates performed better than the male, with a pass rate of 53.1% and 46.9% respectively. 9 of the top candidates were female and 12 were male.

112 candidates completed the course, bringing the cumulative total to 4,362.

The ICPAU Director - Education, Mr. John Bosco Ntangaare who was also representing the ICPAU Chief Executive Officer noted that the December examinations were very important because they provided students with the opportunity to progress in their studies. He gave the assurance that the examinations were conducted in a safe environment as the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures had been observed strictly.

There are four planned examinations diets in 2022, March, June, September and December. Mr. Ntangaare advised students to prepare adequately for them.

“As we release these results, we need to get prepared for the next examinations diet which is in March. Registration is in progress and will close on 20 February 2021,” Mr. Ntangaare said.

CPA Constant Mayende noted that the exams release sessions form an important part of the ICPAU calendar because it is from then that the Institute derives its members.

“Our exams lead students to premium accountancy qualifications, ATD, CTA, CPA. Everything we do is in compliance with the international standards because the knowledge can be applied in any part of the world,” he said.

“As a Professional Accountancy Organisation, ICPAU is highly rated by the International Federation of Accountants and we are grateful that in 2021, despite the challenges of the pandemic, we were able to attract so many candidates,” CPA Mayende added.

He cautioned employers against recruiting individuals who do not have the requisite qualifications for accounting and finance positions.

According to Section 34 (2) of the Accountants Act, heads of accounts, finance and internal audit in public interest organisations must be members of ICPAU.

From the top performers

  1. Accounting Technicians Diploma

I started the course in 2019. In 2020, we had only one examinations diet at which I sat for Information Systems (Paper 8). I failed the Paper. I redid the Paper in October 2021 and then sat for Financial Accounting, Principles of Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and Principles of Auditing in December 2021. I studied some Papers at Multitech Business School and did self-study for others. My advice to other candidates is to read widely and not to rely solely on the notes provided by the lecturers.

Joyce Ritah Ndagire

Top candidate, Financial Accounting, Principles of Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Principles of Auditing


  1. Certified Tax Advisor


I first attempted Value Added Tax in October 2021 and failed. After the results were released, I went through the Paper and realised that I had made some mistakes. I did intense revision and enlisted the assistance of a friend, CPA Stephen Muchelule who was very helpful. My main mode of study was private. I used a book titled, Compedium of Tax Laws in Uganda, by Joseph O. Okuja. My goal is to sharpen my skills in tax consultancy. My advice to other candidates is to read and understand the schedules and the amendments in the law. 

Margaret Namale

Top Candidate, Value Added Tax  

Value Added Tax was among the CTA Papers with the lowest pass rates, at 7.7%


  1. Certified Public Accountants of Uganda


I am changing careers to accounting. I studied Quantitative Techniques (QT) at MAT ABACUS. QT requires discussions. My advice to candidates is to read adequately and to engage in group discussions. Consider selecting some topics that you are good at, and then practice those thoroughly.

Branah Owokunda

Top Candidate, Quantitative Techniques

Quantitative Techniques had a low pass rate of 19.4%


I attempted Advanced Financial Reporting twice. I studied at Professional Accountancy Trainers Centre (PAT) in Nakawa. The lecturer taught widely and offered revision classes after completion of the syllabus. These were very helpful has they guided us on question approach. My advice to candidates is to attend classes, read widely and to engage in discussions with like-minded students.

Gilbert Flart

Top candidate, Advanced Financial Reporting

Advanced Financial Reporting had a low pass rate of 19.8%

The CPA text for Advanced Taxation was very helpful. I read the entire book and attempted the examinations questions provided. I also revised the past papers.

Yusuf Tusubira

Advanced Taxation

At 16.4%, Advanced Taxation had the lowest pass rate.

I started the course in 2017. I studied at various training institutions including MAT ABACUS and Glory Professional Trainers. For Integration of Knowledge, CPA Jack Mwebaze was my tutor. I attended online classes, as I was upcountry. I encountered internet connectivity challenges, but CPA Mwebaze was very helpful as he shared the recordings for every class. My advice to students is to lean on God, attend all classes if you are at a training institution, and read widely (that is both the notes provided by lecturers and other study material). I am now documenting my training experience via The Practical Experience Training (PET) framework, as a step towards ICPAU full membership enrolment.

Mirriam Opolot Agemo

Best female candidate and top candidate, Integration of Knowledge